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Hand-coloured etching 75cm x 60cm. Edition of 50.

I have always been very influenced by stained glass windows. From small, almost incidental medieval windows to the incredible structures of Chartres and Notre Dame. Apart from the sheer physical presence of them, and the the transformation of light through them, constructed stained glass windows also have a very strong abstract presence, whatever the narrative portrayed.

This etching explores the moment at which ‘white’ light meets, and is transformed by, coloured glass. The central forms suggest sun, earth and foliage.

The print is on 100% rag acid-free Hahnemulhe etching paper, with a 5 cm border on all four sides. Each print is signed and dated, and numbered (out of 50). Each print in this small edition is in effect unique due to the application and flow of the lightfast watercolours.

'Window' 2012

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