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Oil on canvas 180x140 cm

My work is often full of recurring patterns, shapes and rhythms that jostle for position as the painting is made, and then settle to a composition in which they all thrive. ‘Wheel, Bowl, Howl’ is a good example of this. It is as though the forms were still on the move, or in suspension.

This is an intensely colourful and thickly-painted work. The surface has a rich textured impasto nature- built up with many layers of oil paint as the image developed. The forms hover against the red ground. These forms are derived from a variety of objects , including a bowl, a book, a wheel and elements of cartoon characters. The work is also inspired by Allen Ginsberg’s famous poem ‘Howl’. The heavy duty canvas is stretched on to a warp-free wooden stretcher.


'Wheel Bowl Howl' 2007

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