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Hand-coloured etching 58cm x 58cm. Edition of 50.

Objects are temporarily with us throughout our life. They come and they go. Natural and manmade alike. They also say something of us. Even a discarded shoe holds a shape of a foot, and the evidence of weight and of distances travelled.

‘Shoe’ is a colourful etching and drypoint produced using a polished copper etching plate, and handcoloured using lightfast watercolour inks. The image uses motifs of abstracted leaves and stones, surrounding a shoe-like form. Each form is handcoloured, and each print in this small edition is in effect unique due to the application and flow of the watercolours. The forms float against a subtly textured ground that reveals the surface of the original copper plate. The print is on 100% rag acid-free Hahnemulhe etching paper, with a 5 cm border on all four sides. Each print is signed and dated, and numbered (out of 50).

'Shoe' 2012

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