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Acrylic on canvas panels 180cmx180cm

‘Iris’ is a celebration of colour and form. I like to use prime colours in conjunction with softer hues to build a resounding and fresh statement. Like many of my paintings, I like to think of ‘Iris’ as music for the eyes. Some of the shapes and colours are reminiscent of children’s toys, reminding us perhaps of the need to be playful in our lives…

‘Iris’ is a large and colourful piece constructed from 25 stretchered canvases, each 30x30 cm, bolted together to form one large image.

The arrangement is in the form of a diamond-shaped image, reminiscent of heraldic family ‘hatchments’, used from the Middle Ages onwards. Each canvas contains an individual form, richly painted in high-quality acrylics.

‘Iris’ has a strong visual impact- a mosaic of colour and form. It would suit a large wall in either a living space or a work space. The forms are derived from architecture, organic and geometric forms, and animal and plant life, giving rise to what art critic Nicholas Usherwood called ‘highly charged, intensely evocative imagery’.

'Iris' 2011

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