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Hand-coloured etching 60cm x 75cm. Edition of 75.

I have often thought that every artist has an architect lurking inside, in the sense that we like to think that art can be applied to other areas of making. If I designed buildings, one might look just like this. A deeply patterned space, with large organic forms that could be both decorative and functional surfaces. When I visited the Alhambra, I was struck by the approach to interior and exterior spaces- that both were intertwined as were the different kinds of light and sounds generated. So this image is an improvisation on the idea that spaces can be both exterior and interior at the same time.

The print is on 100% rag acid-free Hahnemulhe etching paper, with a 5 cm border on all four sides. Each print is signed and dated, and numbered (out of 75). Each print in this small edition is in effect unique due to the application and flow of the lightfast watercolours.

'House' 2012

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