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Hand-coloured etching 60cm x 75cm. Edition of 75.

Some objects, some motifs, have almost endless possible readings. The bowl is one- it is literally and metaphorically a vessel containing, or empty of, multiple meanings. I have never wanted to commit myself to any particular reading. In fact I think I first used the form only because of its simplicity. Since then it has come to suggest food, communal life, hunger, sustenance, a mouth, containment, emptiness, and sharing. The bowl is of course also a traditional object in still life painting, and I think of this arrangement of forms as a still life. Even though they are detached from from each other , I think that this image can be seen as a populated tabletop.

The print is on 100% rag acid-free Hahnemulhe etching paper, with a 5 cm border on all four sides. Each print is signed and dated, and numbered (out of 75). Each print in this small edition is in effect unique due to the application and flow of the lightfast watercolours.

'Bowl' 2012

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