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Hand-coloured etching 60cm x 75cm. Edition of 75.

Recently I have explored abstracted bird forms in both paintings and etchings. This is a bird at rest, simplified but still demonstrating a head, wing and breast.

This etching explores ideas of stained glass- the dark lines could also suggest leading, holding the glass in place. I have condensed the colouration to a tight tonal range of greys and ochres, suggesting plumage. Paradoxically the colouration was inspired by that of a large tabby cat. The internal forms are confined, and jostle for space. Very different to much of my other work where forms float ‘free’. The background is crosshatched, giving a rich and textured contrast to the main form.

Each form is handcoloured, and each print in this small edition is in effect unique due to the drawn application of the pastels. The print is on 100% rag acid-free Hahnemulhe etching paper, with a 5 cm border on all four sides. Each print is signed and dated, and numbered (out of 75).

'Bird' 2014

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